Tuesday, September 4, 2007

RE: "what is the method you have at youre church to produce such a giants?"

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It is very difficult to pinpoint specific methods that are used to produce what to me seem like "spiritual giants". Across most of Christianity methods are constantly evolving in order to facilitate an environment where one can grow and enjoy growing in Christ. I think this is the downfall of most AA churches btw. Every now and then I drop by my old AA church since my folks still attend there and can't help but notice that everything is still the same. Same traditional methods, same people, same music, same "presidente de jovenes", same dorcas, etc. All because people have a tight grip on methods that once worked, but are no longer relevant to our culture today.

To answer your question; it is not necessarily the methods used that produce "spiritual giants", but rather it is the type of lifestyle that is propagated from leadership down that INSPIRE teens to grow. This type of leadership is characterize by transparency, accountability and integrity. Growing up in the AA as a child, I was afraid of pastors because quite frankly, in my inocense they looked mean. As a minister we were taught not to show weakness ever. As a result, we produced a false illusion that to be used you had to be strong and perfect. This idea would be reaffirmed by obligating people to live right by using fear and shaming those who had failed.

Since leaving the AA, and now being exposed to healthier churches, I notice that people are not obligated to live for God, but rather they are inspired to live for God. Inspired by leaders who are believable and portray Christ as a God who embraces and not points. Their messages do not require microphones to hear, their messages are spoken through the simplicity of their lives and the openness of their walk. The unspoken messages are messages that teens can relate to, and can identify with. The unspoken messages surpass the effectiveness or lack thereof of any method one can use. To produce "spiritual giants" is not something that can be done methodically because everyone is different, but inspiration through love is a language everyone can speak. In essence, do not obligate growth, this will produce drones, but rather inspire growth, and this will produce giants.

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